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Crêpes are basically very thin pancakes made with plain flour, eggs, milk and a couple of secret ingredients to make them extra tasty. Galettes are the traditional savoury crêpes from Brittany, western France, and are made with buckwheat flour and brushed with salted butter so they are divinely crispy.

Unfortunately we do not have a shop yet, but we cater for several public events and fairs in and around London so just follow us on Facebook to be kept in the loop of where we’ll be and when.

On average, 1 chef can cook about 45 sweet crêpes or 35 savoury galettes per hour. So with our standard package 2 chefs are able to make about 150/180 crêpes over 2hrs.

Well… pretty much nothing! We bring everything we need for our crêpe station, including tables, gazebo, table clothes, machines, disposable cones & cutlery. The only thing we might need is power if you prefer us to use our electric machines instead of the gas ones or if we need to plug in a light for outside set up. If so, please refer to the power question below for details.

It depends. We can work on gas or electric machines, either way. With the gas ones we are completely self-sufficient, unless you need us to plug a light in the evening. With the electric machines please note that we need to plug them into a WALL SOCKET within 15m of our tables. We’ll bring our specialist extension lead to connect to it if necessary but cannot plug into another extension lead as it won’t accommodate the voltage of our machines, so it has to be into a wall socket for each machine.

We typically travel to and around London within 1h, 1h30 of where we are based – in Wimbledon. However if you have a very special/large event a bit further, do let us know as we might be able to find an arrangement.

For our standard set up we’re ready to go in about 30min but will typically arrive 45min in advance just in case. However, please let us know if there are any access/unloading/parking restrictions as these might impact our timings.

Absolutely. We can bring a gazebo and work on gas griddles so that we are completely self-sufficient.

We have catered in many prestigious historic venues such as Northbrook Park, 1 Great George Street , Ashridge house, Horsley Park, Addington Palace, or 1 Marylebone. We would recommend that you check with your venue first if they are happy to accommodate outside caterers and if they are, we would be happy to liaise directly with them to discuss their requirements.

Yes! We can print our menus on your stationery. We can use our yellow polka dots table cloth or white linen or your own. And we can even wear your company t-shirts or uniforms if you want us too!

If you want us outside in our gazebo, then we need a 3m x 3m space, if possible in an area sheltered from the wind. If inside, 2m x 2m is largely sufficient for our standard set up.

There is a bit of steam coming from the griddle so to avoid setting off the fire alarm and having the fire department join the party  (as nice as it would be), we recommend that you deactivate or neutralize your fire alarm for the duration of our cooking (taping a plastic bag over it usually does the trick). If possible, it is also good idea to place us next to a window or door for aeration but this is not mandatory.

The good news is that our savoury galette batter is made with buckwheat flour which is naturally gluten and wheat free (although we cannot guarantee it is 100% because of where it is milled but it’s pretty close). Galettes are also dairy free. Our sweet crêpe batter contains eggs & dairy but can be made with gluten free flour on request.

We offer a variety of toppings to cater to every taste and although we do clean our griddles thoroughly in between each crêpe, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that they are completely free from nuts or other allergens that may be contained in the toppings we have around.

Absolutely, we are covered for up to £5 million. Please just ask if you would like a certificate.

We are fully registered with Merton council since 2010 and are regularly inspected by environmental health who awarded us a 5/5 star rating for food hygiene & catering safety. Moreover, we are fully food safe trained and insured and our equipment is regularly tested. We bring a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket to each event and are happy to provide you with all the certificates or risk assessment required to keep your mind at peace.

It all depends on your event, most of the time they are plenty enough but if we are the main caterer and you have a large number of guests we would suggest you have a couple of nibbles alongside for people whilst they wait to get their crepe. A simple green salad is also a lovely accompaniment to our savoury galettes.

We would be happy to. We are fully licensed and recommend our fantastic Brittany cider and apple juice which are the perfect match to our crêpes and galettes. We can also provide you with other soft and hot drinks, salads, nibbles and more. Don’t forget to check out our sister company Simmons Vintage Treats for our lovely ice cream tricycle, vintage popcorn & candyfloss machines and retro candy bar.

Although are main focus is with private clients, we like to take part in the community and already participate in several public and school events in London SW. Follow us on Facebook for dates and details. If you are organising an event in the area and would be interested in having us, please do get in touch!

We pride ourselves in making all our batter by hand from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients, not powdered mix! Our toppings are also freshly prepared, whether it’s homemade salted caramel or a fresh mushroom medley. Moreover, we use traditional recipes and techniques from France such as buckwheat flour for our galettes which makes a huge difference.

The proof is in the pudding: just check our client’s testimonials and our awards!

Yes we do. So this has to be added to all our prices.

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